by Hateful Transgression

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Hateful Transgression is:
Dan M. - guitar & bass
Len O. - vocals
Evan B. - drums
Gjøran S. - keyboards

Additional/session musicians:
Triston Cheshire- bass (tracks 1 & 5)
Thomas Martino - drums (track 2)

Physical CD's will be released August 11, 2017 via Ghastly Music


released July 11, 2017

EP was recorded at Book House Recording and engineered and mixed by Thomas Martino.
Mastering by Thomas Martino and Pat Patten (Jamgood Mastering).

Musical composition and arrangements by Dan Martin, Len O'Donnell, and Gjøran Saether. All songs written by Dan Martin and Gjøran except track 5.
Artwork by Ryan Carey



all rights reserved


Hateful Transgression Newnan, Georgia

American Blackened Slamming Death Metal

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Track Name: I Cast Myself Into the Chasm
[Lyrics by Evan]

I have longed for life too long
I had built a kingdom here
And there is nothing left here
And for that I will answer death’s call
And when every day is a disappointment
What’s the point of this? (The point of this?)
Although my kin will miss me
They must know that I'm better off...
I will become one with the earth here
As I cast myself into the chasm below
"Dark life, but beauty shining
In the rocks and stones
That once built a mighty structure
How the good have fallen..."
Spoken through a tragedy I am one with the ancient souls below
Where I have lived a meaningless life
They have lived and died gloriously
The constant droning of my subconscious mind will torment me no longer Abyssic pain may reel in my head
But endless relief lies in the in the rocks below I ascend these steps
To the height of Gods
To descend through the earth Into endless purgatory
The perpetual dark of the afterlife
The screams of the forgotten souls lost in the ruin
Though primitive and empty I have freed myself
From the slavery of the modern condition
In nomine satanas
Ad majorem satanae gloriam
I cast myself into the chasm
I cast myself into the chasm
Track Name: Inlev
[Lyrics by Dan]

Fear me
Fear me for I am vain
Attract to me for I am the epitome of...
What you put on your fucking paper
Run while you can, you won't feel any safer
But my infliction will poison every level
I masturbate to your dying eyes
I'm in my position, my level of self-importance
"I was created in the prenatal factory of what's called rape"
Then I became enslaved to the institution that is praised
I care not for the gordian knots of our generations
I am ultimately programmed to continue the legacy of intolerance and everything that's... screaming in your name and in the rabbit carrion hid behind my false veil of supposed righteousness
I'm inside you
I control your life, you do not
(On the other side we see the suffering individuals failing to overcome a perpetual disparity, plaguing them)
The stench (the stench)
Of despondency
Engulfs (engulfs)
The slumming population
Greed continues to be rationalized
(Through the invisibles, hiding behind figureheads. As an empire continues to be constructed on the...)
Carcasses of the deaths of the innocent
Elite is a misnomer
The elite is entitled defecation
Track Name: Slammed for Eternity in the Blackened Abyss
[Lyrics by Len]

Slammed for eternity in the blackened abyss
Lay in the shadows
Raped beyond recourse
Corpses in the abyss
Dead but still feel pain
The transgression of hate channels through their rotting souls
Castrated by chainsaws
All these humans lay decimated in the waste
A pestilent outcome and a wretched apathy
Rotting away the enlightened hate and abyssic pathology
The scent of bile and rigor mortis
"Death, death, death"
The only words their god chanted
A language they heard, but couldn't understand
Lay like carrion in the blackened abyss
Track Name: Operating the Segmental Apparatus (Plague Widow Cover)
[Lyrics by Marc Dickson]

Witness the gaping skies engulf the earth this land of fire, plagues and extinction and it is here, where we will conjure entire lives, forgotten... [Chorus]
Thrown in the wars of dividing worlds Immersed in a helpless, tired existence... falling in sedation with the essence of obfuscation Engineering the apparatus we are left to envision interpretation, An undeserving reaction, but one of certain inevitability.